Having the Right Photos and Video Helps Sell Your Property!

It has been vastly proven  that homes sell faster when there is media present online. This is because the majority of buyers start their home search on the internet.

When most buyers start looking at homes online, they tend to skip those that don’t include images. The presence of media speeds up the buying process because the shopper can determine quickly whether they are interested.

But, It’s not just about having photos anymore. It’s about having the RIGHT photos that effectively showcase the property. That’s where our professional photography team comes in. They do a professional shoot of each and every property our agents represent.

A relatively new tactic that is sweeping over the real estate world on a national level is the provision of video with many listings on the market. Consumers quickly want the information and all they really have to do is click ‘play’ to paint the three dimensional image of the home. These videos are especially effective when there is voice over, or an actual person standing in and “conversing” with the viewer about the home. That’s why we do video each and every time. Our clients do not pay additonal fees for professional photos or video, because we believe your property deserves the best possible exposure.

We’ve been doing video production for about a year now, and it has proven to be wildly successful when home owners want to promptly sell. It gives sellers the competitive edge when compared to homes that do not provide adequate media.

50 acres near Medina Lake.

One of our latest listings was a 50 acre property that sits near Medina Lake in the beautiful hill country. Although it was vacant land, and a bit of a journey to get to from the greater San Antonio area, we managed to contract the property within two weeks of the MLS posting. Why?…because we provided a plethora of photos and a short (and to the point) video that was attached to the listing.

Every potential buyer that expressed interest in the land had mentioned the video and photos that they saw online before inquiring Becker Properties about the property. This efficient use of time pleased the owners and they were able to move their property quickly. Below is the video we created for the Medina Lake listing – an example of a successful use of media in real estate.


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